Vera WebService/API

Does Vera have a webservice or API that other computers can access to poll the device and send it commands?


I want to start to develop a Windows 7 Media Center Add-In to control and view the status of my devices and scenes.

About Me:
I’m a .NET developer with over 16 years experience. I preferr the C# language.

PS… I assume there is a web service running on Vera. That is how would access it.

Hi Roger.NET,

We store the info about devices in an XML file on Vera. Vera runs on lighthttpd web server serving varios html, xml, js, php and cgi files to the end-user. You can take a look at this 2 wiki pages:

Awesome… Thank You!

This sounds like a great add-in, I use Win7 MCE and Xbox 360 Extenders extensively in my home. Let us know if you make this work! Great idea…

I also use a Windows 7 Media Center with Xbox 360 extenders. Would be open to beta testing when you get closer.


earlier this week I completed my first milestone in my ‘Rosalie’ project - a voice command app running on the .net 4.0 framework. It currently polls for your devices on load and then builds a grammar full of commands for basic Binary/Dimmer lighting devices. Want to compare notes? I plan on flushing out a few more things before posting as an OS solution on Google Code or similar repository.

Let me know

In my floorplan designer I also have code to interact with vera. I will be gone for a week, so after that I will try to get a place to share my code.

Perhaps I could split off an assembly for vera interaction, so we get something in common…