Vera vs Xanboo??

As a dealer, I am looking at as a service and a product. Check it out. It seems that Vera does everything that Xanboo does except that Vera doesnt provide a virtual keypad to arm and disarm security systems from DSC, Honeywell and GE.

Xanboo is not z-wave, but it uses its own RF frequency and sensor and control devices.

Anyone have any thoughts on Xanboo vs using Vera? My initial thoughts are that Xanboo is solid without many updates. It works in its own proprietary and non-expandable way. Vera is more flexible, supports z-wave devices, not security panels, and is more DIY with enthusiast/ early adopter updates.

I want to install a system and not receive support calls. Visit a client once a year to support an install. Add subsystems/ solution devices along the way.


Vera can and does support alarm panels, but not in the way you mention.
It supports them more by interfacing into the alarm system that could/does work 100% standalone of Vera.
For example you could use Vera to turn on the lights in the room where the alarm panel is when the door is opened, all using the alarm system’s sensors.

Xanboo is a whole different ball game. They do not have a viable lighting system yet. Yes they do interconnect with alarm panels.
They were supposed to get Zwave chips but they have not. ( they told us about 3 years ago it would be firmware update, No Zwave chip in the box.)

totally proprietary system.

the ip cameras are not usable except theirs. You can use a analog converter if you have analog cameras.

They do have a nice profit share relationship.

The system failed in the mass market a couple of years ago.

Now they are looking to get the security company interface.

Vera could do a interface I don’t see why not.