Vera Virtual Keypad for AD2USB

Hi All

Still loving this plugin and how much it enables me with what I want to do!

Is there any way to communicate with the AD2USB via the Vera to use it as a virtual keypad? I’m regularly tinkering with the different programmable zone types and I’m getting sore legs stood up at the wall keypad for hours at a time lol

I was wondering exactly the same thing! Anybody know? I’ve been searching and found zilch

im suprised this has not discussed more?
what a great feature that is lacking/missing.

Count Me In!!

Not exactly a virtual keypad, but you can use steps described in this post to gain telnet access to ad2usb and use it to program your system:

1. Connect to Vera via SSH:
ssh root@Your.Vera.IP.Address
  1. Stop the Luup stack: (command may be different on UI4)


  2. Start ser2net to connect to the AD2USB and listen on TCP port 4444 in telnet mode

    ser2net -C “4444:telnet:0:/dev/ttyUSB0:115200 1STOPBIT NONE”

  3. Telnet to port 4444 (i.e. connect to ser2net / AD2USB):

    telnet localhost 4444

  4. Configure AD2USB with the “!” command. When done press “Ctrl-]” and then “e” to exit telnet

  5. Reboot:


Instead of pressing “!” to change ad2usb settings, just start making keyed entries as you would on your panel. I.e. key in your installer code + 800 and you will get into the programing mode.

A bit ugly hack since you are basically shutting down the automation, but it does the job.

I have a similar problem. Ademco_Vista Alarm Panel indicates “missing Port”, and when I click on ‘Clear’ I get the error message “Device Communication Failure”. But when I access Vera 3 via SSH and start telnet, it connects to the alarm system. Any suggestions before Alzheimer completely engulfs me?

When did you purchase your AD2USB? Recent batches have a new USB chip and require some steps on the Vera to be recognized as a serial port. Please see » View topic - Veralite shows serial port as Not Available if this is your issue.