Vera Ui7 not loading, but can ping Vera

This evening I went to log on to my Vera Lite UI7 7.0.4. and the UI7 will not load. I can ping the device. Is there anyway I can troubleshoot this via SSH, or do I need to go through a factory reset and restore from backup?

The new Firmware 7.0.5 was available that day you started to get problems.

I upgraded my Vera and started to configure some devices and this occurred for me.
LuaUPnP Terminated with Exit Code: 245
LuaUPnP crash

i was configureing my ZME_WALLC-S with:

Variable = 12 , Data Size = 1 byte dec , Desired value = 1

Variable = 14 , Data Size = 1 byte dec , Desired value = 2

(from this guide) it workt OK in the older firmware!

does this work for you?
http:// YOUR VERA IP /cgi-bin/cmh/

I have opened an ticket

I may have had slightly different symptoms than you, but my Edge crashed last night when removing a device. When it came back UI7 would not load and I got a page saying the luapnp engine was taking a long time to load and the zwave light was out. I followed the steps in this post : [url=,29608.msg211785.html#msg211785],29608.msg211785.html#msg211785[/url] and got it working again.

For me, the command did not seem to work, so i just moved onto the mv commands and the (not sure if that worked or just reloading the browser after typing it did the trick)

To be able to ssh into your vera, enable tech support on the luapnp error page. You’ll see a code with your serial number - ####### Use the ssh remote@yourveraip command with those #s as the password then follow the steps in the post above.

This all assumes you’re on an Edge, which you should be if you’re in UI7, given its hunger for resources.

Good luck.

Thanks for the suggestions. I ended up resetting it to factory defaults and restoring from backup.