Vera UI7 and Raspberry with MotionEye(Rasbian) and webcam

Hi Guys,

I’m trying to add a webcam (that is connected as a local camera to a Raspberry) to the vera ui. I get a picture, but no live stream (only emulated, frame by frame).
So the webcamera behaves like an ip camera.

Raspberry Pi 3 with Rasbian and Motioneye installed.
Vera Edge with ui7.

So if I click cameras in the Vera Gui i get a picture from the camera (even works in the android app → Vera mobile).
I can watch the camera streaming both through motioneye’s GUI and web gui (all below works for adding, no live stream though).

I.e all of these below work in a browser:
Stream url: http://192.x.x.x:8081
snapshot url: http://192.x.x.x:8765/picture/1/current/?_username=admin&_signature=a16cd71e574e7sfsfs10c64f895e5ff8c
Stream url: 192.x.x.x:8081/cam_pic.php
Motioneye: 192.x.x.x:8765

Adding the camera i followed the wizard for manually adding a camera in the Vera web Gui(waiting 6 minutes why :-/) .

Any suggestions?