Vera UI hangs when clicking "back" after looking at an app?

Vera Plus unit running version 1.7.4970 (latest at this time) and when I go to browse apps (install apps window), I can see the list, click on one, but when I click “Back” (there’s a Back link in the webpage, NOT using the browser back button) the UI just spins the “busy” indicator for 5 minutes, give or take. It doesn’t seem to matter whether I click on something else instead of back, so the problem SEEMS to be that once i’ve clicked on an APP to view the details, I’m committed to having a very strange and annoying delay. Anyone else see this?


There has been issues with the app section lately. If you are not currently doing it I would trying first connecting to your Vera unit via the cloud gateway login page and then try to browse the apps.

Thanks… I guess I dont understand what that webpage does - I had always assumed it was just a way to get redirected in through a reverse proxy my device was keeping open, in case I was outside my network (and so no reason or advantage to go to it while home) but there must be fundamentally some aspect of it running @ Vera and just querying my device then? In any case, I tried it, and it seemed to be working. I was able to get to the third page of apps with no delays (I’ve come to detect that just switching around the pages seem to do it locally too) but when I was moving my mouse toward a “more info” button on one of them, it popped up and said there was a problem connecting to my device, and forced me back to the logon screen, showing my device offline, even though I can get to it locally.

I suspect my problem is more generic than I thought, and I’m complaining about a symptom, and not the root cause, which is that my box is either very busy or getting frozen for some reason. I’m just not sure where to go to even begin to diagnose that…


Very strange… I am doing nothing different today, and it seems to be working better. Did something get fixed in the mothership?

I don’t think anyone knows what’s going on with the app store, it’s been hit or miss for many weeks now.

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