Vera, tilt sensor and Alexa - Confusion Abounds

Current system - Honeywell alarm panel (was z wave master), Vera Plus (now z wave master), Alexa Dots,
Various Honeywell in wall dimmers, GE in wall dimmers, a few switched plugs, thermostat and connected deadbolt (lock).
Problem: our garage door has remained open some evenings so a $20 garage door z wave tilt switch was added.
Vera discover/sees/responds to the tilt switch named (GDOOR), but only offers notifications (email) and an Arm/Disarm.
I attempted to add the switch to Alexa and she (?) will not see it from Vera’s standpoint - in the Vera console, under Manage Alexa, there is no sensor/tilt switch (GDOOR). I wanted Alexa to provide a visual alarm at 9 PM if the door was open.
My understanding is this is a security issue to Alexa. However, I see MANY plug ins for Samsung, Google Assistant and other systems and hardware that do EXACTLY what I am asking for.
I contacted Customer Support via phone and they were sympathetic but not helpful - lua code does not seem to be the answer.
I need to know if I should pursue this with Vera, or with Amazon or if this is something people have encountered and/or fixed?
Apologize for TMI - I have already opened an AWS account if that’s the way I should go - but shouldn’t we be afforded the basic rights to our systems secure settings?