Vera Support - HELP Please

Sorry for posting this on the forum but I could do with my issue being resolved and havent had a response recently from Support

@melih @Sorin

I opened a ticket on 11th November as my Vera Plus keeps reloading Luup
Initially I was told, user data corruption so this was deleted and replaced but reloading continued I was then advised on 27 November

"We checked on your controller and found that the Z-Wave chip is defective, however, we can reset and rewrite it in order to fix it, however that process will delete every device and you will need to start over from scratch. "
I was then advised on the 29 November That this would be done tomorrow

Chased again by email and have heard nothing

I appreciate this has to be done a level 2 support person but please can someone advise when this will be completed
Thank you

Hi there,

I’m sorry to hear about this. Someone should have been to you since yesterday.

Let me know if everything is good.

Hello Sorin, thanks for the reply, yes someone from support contacted me yesterday and I am hoping they will get back to me today with a solution, thanks

This has been resolved now it has taken sometime but this was due to intermittent faulty devices causing issues and trying to track these down after making small changes

Fibaro Sensors were the main cause
Everything appears to be ok now now

Huge thanks to Support for sticking with this issue
@melih @Sorin @valentina


I have an issue with support since October 29, 2020, still waiting for support to fix it. It is amusing to see how their tech support person (the same one every time) gets back to me every couple of weeks with the same question we discussed before. So not sure what she is doing because she is obviously not able to solve the issue nor is she reading the email thread.