Vera Secure, use "Home" to turn off Siren from the Built in Alarm

On a Vera Secure, I would like to use the preset “Home” to turn off Siren from the Built in Alarm
anyone know how to set this up?


Best suggestion i can give for this is to install the “House Modes” plug in and then use the triggers its exposes.

I’ve tied my alarm to the home / away states and it works very well. You can configure the poll time in the plugin which can help with responsiveness if you find it too slow. I set mine to 1 second and was a bit worried of the implications of that but seems not to impact anything else.

Hi Steven,

Go to Dashboard → My Modes and you should be able to set from this area the way you want your siren to work.

The ONLY way I found to turn off the siren is to login to your VeraSecure from the web and click the “Off” button. (This option isn’t available on the app)

While experimenting with the Vera Secure Siren in scenes, it seems that you can manipulate the status of the siren, effectively turning it on or off, BUT with a caveat. My scene to turn off the Siren is a very basic setup, setting the siren to OFF with no triggers, timers or schedules. One would THINK that running this scene while the siren is OFF would do nothing, but that is not the case. The Siren comes ON for a brief period (about 2-3 seconds) then goes OFF.
My original plan was to build several scenes to ‘Auto OFF’ a triggered event, a ‘Test Siren’ scene and a simple ‘Siren OFF’ scene. The ‘Auto OFF’ scene does not work as anticipated at all, in effect setting up a continuous loop of ON/OFF. I believe that the 2-3 second ON effect is triggering the scene to start again, where it waits 30 seconds then turns the Siren OFF - thus resetting the loop.
Has anyone found a better way to interact with the siren, or is there something else possibly at play here, such as Home Modes?