Vera Secure Service Light Off, No Remote Access

I updated my Vera Secure to 7.0.30. Now my “Service” light is off on the Vera. I can log into it fine locally, and the app works fine remotely. I cannot log in remotely through the portal, though. The network test in the “Wi-Fi” section of the Vera interface passes just fine too. This was not an issue before the update. I have done a reboot through the “Wi-Fi” menu as well as a 30 second reset button reset to no avail. Any ideas?

Anyone else experience this, or have any suggestions?

You have a LAN or a wifi connection?

DHCP or static IP? My guess is that the gateway is configured wrongly


LAN, static IP. What would have changed with the firmware update? Everything worked previously. The network tests good through the “Wi-Fi” menu as well.

All sorts of stuff has been changed in the course of the update.
Wouldn’t trust the net work tests
Check the static IP, subnet and default gateway, and DNS

SSH onto the Vera and make sure you can ping / resolve DNS from a command line.

Hopefully someone will chip in with the FQDN of the access servers


My VeraSecure running 7.30 is completely intolerant to any changes from the defaults on the network settings page. Each time I tried to change a setting, I had to do the 3X reset button operation to reset network settings back to default values to get it to work again.

Have you changed any of the defaults on the network settings page?

Nope, not a thing.

Are you using the Energy Plugin?

Did you try the 3X reset button press to reset networking configuration, just in case it got corrupted somehow?

I don’t think so?

I did, no change.

About a year ago, I think, I was having a problem where the VeraSecure was continually reporting it had disconnected from the servers.

I called customer support and they fixed it. The gent who was helping me explained it like this: there are a couple of internet sites that the VeraSecure pings to make sure it has a good internet connection. He didn’t understand why, but one of them was not working. So he changed it to a new site and that fixed the problem.

I have no idea where to go in and try to change that yourself.

Thanks @anon53786315. I am not sure if they did anything or not, I put in a ticket and after several correspondences they had me enable the remote access. They came back and said it must have timed out, but that all of my server connections looked good on their end (remote access still shows as enabled). They say the lights being out on the Vera is a known issue. I can access it from outside of the house again, so that is forward progress I hope. I know when I access the Vera locally, if I am not logged into the Vera it will kick me to the site to log in. When I do, it shows the Vera as offline so I go to my Vera IP address and log in again, same process, and it works. I am suspicious of this behavior and am curious if it is all related, but I will have to see when I try to access it again remotely in earnest.

Did your issue ever get resolved? It appears I’m suffering from the same exact issue. No remote access, no notifications and logging into the internal IP address kicks me back to the URL which says the controller is offline.

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