Vera Secure - Christmas Lights - "OFF" triggers not always working

I use my Vera Secure controller to run our Christmas lights. All of my scenes for turning on the various lights work perfectly. My problem concerns the scenes for turning off these lights don’t always work. Case in point, last night they all turned off without a hitch; however tonight, none of the lights turned off. Any thoughts on why this might be happening as well as possible fixes? I run my scenes from my Windows 11 laptop.

Hello @Marchwind1949 ,

There are multiple causes for this behavior: Distance, errors during the pairing process, misconfigured scenes, etc. To provide better assistance, please enable remote access under Settings > Customer Care > Enable Remote Access, so we can take a look.

try adding a part two or three to your scene a few minutes later. Then turn the same devices off a second and/or third time. Not elegant but you won’t be seeing any s/w updates on a Vera product so its all you can hope for.

If it is RF signal strength. You could try putting a outlet style (like a Leviton DZPA1-2BW) Z-Wave product somewhere close to halfway between Vera and the Christmas light device(s). It will act as a repeater for weak signal.