Vera Secure as primary SUC/SIS controller with Z Way UZB

We have two Vera Secure devices that I am trying to get to work with Z Way UZB sticks, where the UZB is a secondary controller. I am able to include the UZB into the Vera’s network and, at the time of inclusion, it can get a list of all the attached devices. But, the UZBs are not able to get an updated device list when new devices are paired with the Veras. I believe this is because the Vera Secure hubs are in “Role: Master SIS: NO PRI: YES”. Thus, there is no SUC/SIS controller, and when I have the UZB “Request network updates from SUC/SIS” there is nothing to retrieve.

I have a third Vera Secure with a paired UZB, and this Vera shows its mode as “Role: Suc SIS: YES PRI: YES”, and on this setup the UZB can get network updates from the Vera.

All three Veras are running the most up-to-date firmware (1.7.5187 (7.31)).

Any suggestions on how I can enable the UZB to get device changes from the Veras?