Vera Scene no SetHueAndSaturation option?

I am moving to the AltHue plugin as my Hue bulbs disappeared in Vera today using the native Philips Hue 2 plugin.

On the Philips Hue 2 plugin in a Vera scene you can select “SetHueAndSaturation” I cannot see this option when using the AltHue plugin.

So using AltHue how do you set exact Hue and Saturation values ?

Thank you

Why do I want to be able to do this ?

I have a Dresden fls-pp lp Zigbee ZLL ballast running the LED strip behind my TV.
And an original gen1 Philips Hue strip behind my AV cabinet below the TV.

To get solid colours looking the same shade to the eye, I had to use different Hue values.


Dresden strip: Hue = 43680 Saturation = 254
Philips Hue gen1 strip: Hue = 47104 Saturation = 254

Looking at code, you really just set the color, not saturation.

AFAIK SetColor should do the trick for you, since it accepts a raw color.

EDIT: anyway, saturation can be set with brightness. AltHue use standard device files/actions, so it’s easier and can be mixed with any native z-wave enabled RGB lights.

None of them seem to work at all, when I run the scene the colour does not change to blue. I cannot specify an exact Hue value in a scene it seems ?

I have a text file saved for reference, with all my colour shades.


HEX Value = #0000FF
HSL Value = (240, 100%, 50%)

To calculate the Hue value to be in the range of (0 to 65535)

240 x 182 = 43680

Dresden linked 5050 SMD RGB LED strip: Hue = 43680 Saturation = 254
Philips Hue gen1 LED strip: Hue = 47104 Saturation = 254

I can use newColorRGBTarget with the AltHue plugin and a Vera scene

This works and changes the LED strip to Blue.

However if I set both the Dresden and the Philips Hue strips to blue using RGB 0,0,255 they are different shades of blue, so I am back to my original problem.

Which is why with the original Philips Hue 2 plugin for Vera I was using different HUE values to set blue on each strip, so to the eye they looked like the same colour blue.

This difference in colour shades is worse and more noticeable for colours like Orange and Purple

paging @amg0, he’s probably more helpful than me :slight_smile: