Vera saved a life?

I know that there are many examples of uses for Vera where monitoring of houses (e.g. burglar alarm, smoke/CO alarm) or even people (panic buttons) takes place.
So I wonder: Is there any case known already where Vera saved someones life or home? For example, you detected a starting fire in your house because of your Vera setup, you prevented thieves from entering your house because Vera rang the alarm, or you helped someone in a medical situation because of a panic button connected to Vera?

Let’s share some positive stories!

I have a motion sensor above my front door. About 8 months ago I got a notification from it while I was driving home from many states away, so I peeked at my cameras to see someone we did not know and did not want to talk to walking up and down my porch. I flipped on the siren and got to watch him scurry away.

With the recent addition of an Echo to the system, we now have a voice activated emergency mode which causes all sorts of havok to erupt and notifications to be sent out to get some attention. Hopefully we never have to use it.

Nice story! I once had to ‘save’ my girl who forgot her keys. She called me when I was working abroad and I had just installed a z-wave door lock before I left, which I could then immediately use in real life :stuck_out_tongue: Was a nice situation to be able to open the door for someone when you’re more than 1000 miles away from home. Definately increased the WAF factor a lot…! 8)

I live in NY and i was in Miami and I was alerted that my house temp was dropping (it was 15 deg out and 11 pm) I was able to let me neighbor in and my dad the next morning to get the problem resolved. My heating system has water pipes in the attic, that could of been very messy as I was about to step on a cruise ship 10 hours after that first alert.