Vera Protect

Last night I noticed a banner stating the Vera Protect bata program is open again including discounts. I went to subscribe and after entering my payment information I kept getting an error. I entered my billing information several times using my actual billing information and also trying the address where the actual Vera Secure is located. No success. Is the beta program in fact open again? If not why is there a banner stating it is? Lastly why do I keep getting an error when attempting to subscribe. I emailed CS stating that I was going to buy a Vera Secure if Vera Protect was indeed up and running and I could subscribe. I was told by CS that I could subscribe to Vera Protect 3 months ago so I bought a secure. After I received the Secure and found out it was not true that I could subscribe to Vera Protect I reached out to CS agin and they said the beta program was closed and I could not sign up. One of the main reasons I upgraded from Vera 3 to Secure was for the monitoring option. Can someone please tell me what is going on here?


Can you please tell us exactly where did you saw that banner about Vera Protect? If you go to the following web site:

you have the possibility to sign-up, in order to be notified when the service will be again active.

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When I signed in to Vera with my web browser it was at the top of the screen. After I clicked on it, it brought me to a sign up and billing page. The banner appears to be gone now.

the price for this service is no where to be found on the main webpage u guys need to add that

im interested but im not going to cal or email anybody when it should be listed somewhere … monthly monitoring fee of …