Vera Protect Availability

What’s the story with Vera Protect? Is there a solid plan to extend this service to all USA States? I bought a Vera controller because you offered a monitoring service, then when I go to sign up for it it’s not available where I live.

Please can you publish your plans for extending the coverage of this service and clearly disclose on the Vera Protect and Sentinel web pages the locations where the services are available.

Many thanks

Hello Neil, VeraProtect service will be the next in line for launch and it’s actually very soon. We’re aiming for an early Q4. Almost all of the states will be supported at launch, minus about 8 out of which half of them are already next in line shortly after.

As for VeraSentinel, this is a global service(no region lock) and it’s coming next, after VeraProtect.

Thank you.


I’m waiting too. I was part of the beta, but am trying to add another house, and cannot!!

Many thanks Sorin - looking forward to the roll-out. Can you post a list of states for the initial launch (or if easier the list not in the initial launch?)

Excellent, thanks Sorin - I’m looking forward to the roll-out

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When can we expect the new service to be released?

Release notes for the latest beta indicate VeraProtect is coming back with that release, but not for Florida!? 2 of my 3 controllers are in Florida–what gives?

Here we are in May 2020–any progress on expanding the VeraProtect service? Did it happen without an announcement, or has it not happened yet?