Vera plus + Xiaomi Air filter v3

Hi Guys,
Currently own a Vera plus control , I am quite new to Luup coding. Hence asking if any opinion how to do Luup coding to trigger Xiaomi Air filter using UDP ?
Looking forward from your feedback :smiley:

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huh… xiaomi devices are not just UDP. I control Winix filters exactly that way but my xiaomi are needing to go through an extra level of authentication through token. You may want to look at Home Assistant to do this.

hi rafale, I did some ready and did a miio discovery too

I managed to get Device ID, Model info,Address and Token too, not sure how to apply json in Lua with those information I have gotten?
Can you share “Home Assistance” you referring to ?

aha! now we are talking. Ok if you managed to find miio, and got your token, you are now one step further. Home Assistant is another controller you can install on any platform (linux) as it runs over python. It offers a lot of integrations which then can in turn be controlled by the vera. The miio service was made a component of home assistant which then provides an API for vera to call. I was too lazy to create a new plugin to integrate miio in it since I already had home assistant. If you are more german prone, I at one point also ran iobroker (java) as an API integration hub but abandoned it in favor of home assistant.