Vera Plus, UI7, manually adding IP camera

So ongoing fallout from our V3/UI5 going nutso…am trying to get our Dahua PTZs working on V+/UI7. The “wizards” for adding cameras are useless for this, unless I am just being dense. I have gotten a bit of the way by using “create device”, and using D_DigitalSecurityCamera2.xml as device file and my own implementation file…I can fix problems with that as we go.

But am now stuck trying to get the V+ to render the camera snapshot. I have the identical snapshot URL working in a browser. I have the right U/P set for the device. But I keep getting “Not connected” where you’d hope to see a snapshot.

These cameras require digest auth, which I believe UI7 supports. Is there some magic variable I have to set to tell it to use same? There’s nothing obvious in the needlessly opaque advanced settings.

Sigh. I am certainly further than I got before before crying “uncle” to the wizards.


You can downlod our new softhub that has CCTV + AI capability built in…

You can run any IP camera on it…and its fully integrated with Ezlogic Automation platform so that you can turn any old IP camera into a Smart camera and run automation like: If a person is detected, Do this etc…(and its free and operates locally)

So I have brute-force created a camera device manually, gave it my highly unusual snapshot path, using my homebrew implementation file, and it works. The odd thing is this same general configuration under UI5 gave me PTZ controls in the UI7 GUI. All I am getting now is the image and preset controls. The device knows the PTZ commands are there, and I can use them all via Homewave and they work. But for whatever reason, I have not dotted some “i” that convinces th V+ to present the PTZ controls. I can live without this…presets get me 95% of what I need day-to-day. Curious if anyne has any tribal knowledge or insight into why these buttons aren’t showing up. But the preset buttons are.