Vera Plus restarts. New device ID.

Recently I have had problems with my Vera Plus restarting every 5 minutes or so. This is what stands out in the log.

04 12/19/17 10:28:07.557 <0x769f2520>
03 12/19/17 10:28:08.100 ZWaveJobHandler::QuitAfterThisJob 1/0 UPDATE_STATE_NEW_ID_ASSIGNED <0x769f2520>

Each time it is a differnt device. I have seen other topics that mention this but no resolution. Tech support thought that it was a bad usb drive I was logging to and I removed it, but the problem continues. I’m waiting for tech support to call me back, so I thought I would check here too.


I’ve had this problem. I excluded the sensor named in the log entries, reset it, and re-included it. I haven’t had that problem since.

Thanks rigpapa It is a differnt device each time. If I delete any more I won’t have much of a system left!

I have system alerts on. I have approx 4 to 5 restarts or vera down and then back up alerts. Im thinking this is a different issue altogether but maybe somehow related. Figured I would throw this in here. It maybe just it disconnecting from the Internet but I probably shouldn’t get this many issues a day.