Vera plus reboot now offline

i have rebooted my vera plus and its now offline, any ideas on how to get it started plus a solution for future remote reboot issues thanks

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Ok so unless anyone has any better idea’s which i would be interested in hearing, i have just bought a standalone wifi plug that can switched on or off from anyway with a free app, so if i plug my vera in to it i can reboot at anytime even if vera is screwed

I have a similar setup. I built it while experiencing similar issues.
I have a job running on a Linux box pinging the http services and if 3 consecutive errors are detected, the hub is rebooted.

The irony is that I literally used it 3 times in 3 years after I built it…

Ha yes typical, not sure that would help me here though, I rebooted remotely and it went offline when I vnc’d into my server I still couldn’t get to my vera so had to wait till I was physically home to power cycle my vera plus

It happened to me few times. I have simple solution independent power socket ON/OFF over Wi-Fi so when this happen I can rebooted via power OFF/ON.


Ok so what about a USB step up cable to 12v, plug it in my server, then if vera freaks out just reboot server…

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@Nevillebriggs I like the idea :slight_smile:

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Bought this testing now

Ordered this will see which one seems the most reliable

both working ok, I think I’ll stick with the wifi plug though, the USB is working fine but difficult to plug in because its so wide, also I think the wifi plug will be more reliable