Vera Plus not current with device status... HELP

Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place. I am finding this forum difficult to navigate. I have a vera plus and it’s been a work horse for quite a while. All of the sudden the controller isn’t updating the current status of devices. It functions fine if I use both the PC UI and Android UI to controll devices but I’ll log on and it will have statuses of devices from earlier? I’ve rebooted the conroller and it still has earlier statuses. This is really bad. What am I missing? Why is it all of the sudden?

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Have you added any new devices recently? Or made any configuration changes?

Sometimes a “bad” Z-Wave device can flood the network and make things go bad for other devices and responsiveness.

I’ve even had this with battery operated devices with low batteries take down the network on rare occasions.

Interesting. I did do some configuration on PLEG otherwise it’s been flawless. The configuration isn’t anything complex. Just a if x AND y are true than turn on this virtual switch. I used PLEG because sometimes TRIGGERS aren’t enough. I’ve bypassed PLEG though and still the controller is doing some things it’s never done before. Like on my mobile app it will flash at the top that the controller is offline when it clearly isn’t. The controller to me is just acting strange after years of absolutely no problems. What’s even more irritating is that for example I turn off a light and then go and check the controller and it says it’s still on. You’d think when I reboot the controller it would do a once around to see what’s on or off while it was down but the same light showing on even though it’s off is still showing on. Just weird and I’m wondering if its because Ezlo is phasing Vera out.

So how can you identify such bad devices that are flooding the network? Maybe it is possible to build something like this into the firmware so that you are automatically warned if a device causes problems.

Don’t have a good answer for that. In my case I had an Everspring motion sensor that was fautly or dead batteries, I can’t remember but I know that bad node dragged down my entire Z-Wave network to a halt. When I removed the device my network and Vera hub started working again normally.

I would start by looking in the running log for any obvious errors or issues.

Run this is a browser


I’ve also see that happen more recently in the Android Vera mobile app.

Looks to be an app comms issue of some kind, I wouldn’t worry about that too much.

I just redid my whole system. Unpaired everything, deleted all devices and plugins, brought the Vera Plus back to factory defaults and just set it up like it was new. Now everything works fine. So whatever issue was causing it to not stay updated with devices is now gone. I know it’s not a solution as “this is what the cause was” only what I did to get it back to running properly. Long way, yes, but I feel better about it.