Vera Plus lost 75% of zwave network

After a month of use, my new ZSE29 VER 2.0 motion detector has disconnected from my Vera +. Subsequently there was a loss of all my other devices near the ZSE29. I lost about 75% of my network. I had to remove the batteries from the ZSE29 to find my entire network again. It appears that the ZSE29 was causing interference to the Zwave network and blocking other devices or something like that. Batteries were brand new lithium’s.

My question is: Is this possible? Can a device generate interference on a Zwave network? Or take control of part of a network?

After that I did a factory reset and re-included the device on the network. So far all is working fine but for how long?

Any advice on device misbehaviour will be welcome.

I’ve seen one rogue Z-Wave device flood the Z-Wave chip on the Vera hub before and take down the entire Z-Wave network, so none of the other devices could be operated. So that is possible but happens rarely.

Do you have a method to detect Zwave traffic and find out which device is involved? Or a way to read Zwave traffic in Vera?
For my part, I used the “cut and try method” until I found the culprit. I was very lucky to find the problem rapidly, but I did not have a technical method to confirm it.

I forget what I did now it was that long ago, I had a good idea which motion sensor was the problem as it had been playing up and maybe I looked in the Vera logs also.