Vera Plus & Internet status

The 4G router through which my Vera Plus is connected, disconnects from internet from time to time. Powering it out and in again restores the Internet connection. So far I do the “power out/power in” operation regularly irrespective of the connection status. Ideally I’d rather do it only if/when necessary. Thus my question : is there a way for the Vera Plus to notice the loss of the Internet connection ?
Thanks in advance to whoever who might help !

You could use the Netmon Device to ping the router and/or a web address, then trigger a scene when the ping fails.


I’ll try it/


I was going to recommend SiteSensor by @rigpapa for this purpose. Either/or. But certainly this is a good opportunity to think about using Reactor plug-in as a means of sending you custom warning message (via SMTP, for example) once Internet service returns after an outage.

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