Vera Plus goes into outerspace when Internet is out

Every time my internet blips, my Vera Plus mostly goes into outer space. I can still SSH in and it’s alive, but it just gets really slow and weird. I have seen the thread on completely decoupling Vera from the cloud, but I like the cloud. Is there a half way measure that can keep the stock functionality (or at least most of it) but prevent going idiot mode when the internet is down, offline, etc?

Hello @Bubbagump210

The controller will continue to work and be able to execute local tasks as sending Z-Wave or ZigBee commands, nonetheless, the controller will continue to try to connect to the internet and some processes might slow down.

Is recommended to increase the polling settings to increase the headroom the controller could be working with when trying to reach some devices.

Can you please let us know what processes are exactly not working as expected?

Rather than explain, let me show. Here are two screen captures - one of the device in normal working mode and another where I simulate loss of internet access. Note it takes 60-75 seconds for the device to respond to a simple power toggle when it can’t get to the internet. LuuP seems to crash and restart.

With the internet working, a simple toggle takes seconds.

Working internet

Broken Internet

Hello @Bubbagump210

Well, that scenario is completely normal because after you blocked the connection to the Vera Plus it automatically starts trying to reconnect and if it doesn’t work it will reload the engine, furthermore you are trying to turn on/off the light multiple times which will also create multiple Jobs slowing down the process.

When you try to send a command to a Z-Wave device or mostly every device the controller will retry about 5 times until the task is completed, if it was not successfully completed it will purge the task.

Nonetheless, I would like to know if this same behavior (Slow process to turn off/on a light) happens when the controller has no connection to the internet for about 10 minutes, does it still work slowly? (It should turn it on/off almost instantly since the controller should’ve already reloaded)