Vera Plus gets stuck adding Fibaro keyfob FGKF-601

I am trying to add Fibaro z-wave keyfobs to my Vera plus. They appear to pair correctly, but then it shows an error ‘Waiting for wakeup to configure device…’ It doesn’t manage to correct when I press O and + on the keyfob to force a wakeup. When I try the “Configure node right now” button, I get another error “ERROR: Unable to get any information on node”.
I have seen some others have had similar issues on the vera plus, but that was with an earlier firmware version, and it seems some fibaro keyfob issues had been fixed since. My vera plus is running 1.7.5186 (7.31)
Any ideas what the problem is here? It seems the vera plus is failing to connect to the keyfob. It seems unlikely to be a problem with the keyfob. I get the same problem with 2 keyfobs.

Hello @duncan1

Please repeat the pairing process getting the Fibaro KeyFob closer to your controller. Make sure that during the pairing process you keep the KeyFob awake since it might take some time before the controller shares information with the KeyFob. Try this procedure a couple of times just in case. Let me know if you still have this issue after this procedure.

Hi, I’ve had a go a few times with two key fobs, and still having the same issue. I have to do a hard reset on the keyfobs to remove them each time, as the unpairing doesn’t work, and the button press sequence for a reset doesn’t work either.
I’m starting to wonder whether it could be a fault with the keyfobs. When I try to do the reset, they never get to the yellow flashing LED that the instructions say should happen.

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