Vera Plus Freezing up / Slugish Troubleshooting

Good Afternoon All,
I have a Vera Plus with ~35 powered switches (all Zwave Plus) ~8 battery operated devices (all zwave plus). Yesterday I installed a Fibaro smart plug for the following use case:

  1. When my wife works in her office I use an OR funciton in REACTOR to detect presence from either a motion detector or the enrgy reading from the smart plug which has her computer monitor plugged into it.

Since installing the smart plug I have noticed that the VERA Plus will start to slow down and freeze up after about 6 hours and the motion sensors become unresponsive. I am still able to use the UI7 interface, however, changing the state of a switch in the interface will not yield any actual result.

Rebooting appears to be the only solution that fixes the issue (for a short time).

Additional Notes:

  • I have reduced all the update periods for my battery devices from the default 2 hours to 12 or 24.
  • I have disabled some reports from the 4 Fibaro motion sensors I have.
  • I run a scheduled reboot every day at 5am

I have attached a log file since my last reboot for reference.

Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions:


Hello there,

I moved your post to the correct (Vera) category. I’m sorry for the delay, but if you haven’t done so already, please log a ticket with your Customer Care team as well. You can do that by email at or by pressing the Need Help button up top. Here’s the 2020 Customer Care Holiday Hours (