Vera plus forced 10 characture support suks

Well here we are. I bought into the whole Vera Controller thing about 6 months ago. Here are the facts.

  1. I have a Vera Plus Controller that constantly disconnects, mind you… It’s new, I connected to internet so Vera could spy on me and shove marketing in my face but that’s it.
  2. Any Zwave, Xwave, Microwave sht devices have a range of about 3 inches. So what if battery life is good if you can’t connect.
  3. Any Iot devices or Controllers should be setup with private VPNs and we should have to connect to Vera for our sht to work.
  4. Vera cant even fix thier website so mobile view displays correctly with typical Web browsers. How long do before you think their crp business fails.
  5. This was by far the biggest waste of time and money on cheap sht from China. The only sensible solution for Hot wireless devices like this is to use a standard wireless protocol that has great range and goid battery life not to mention actual security… It’s call WiFi 802.x! Why would I ever waste more time with these H1b Visa job stealing hacks from India? When I can pay 4 dollars a piece for Sonoff WiFi devices that are hackable with free open source software OpenHab and the likes?

Vera… Please go out of business soon. Your support suks.


Have you come here for some help with your Vera unit ?

Disconnects as in says its Offline? when you are trying to access the Vera unit remotely via the portal ?

How is the Vera unit connected to your Internet router? Wired LAN cable or via WIFI ?

How many Z-Wave devices do you have ?

Z-Wave is a mesh network and the more Z-Wave devices you have the better the mesh and the range. Unlike WIFI iOT devices that communicate directly with the router, Z-Wave devices can send / relay the control signals though to other Z-wave devices or nodes to reach that far away device.

You can access the Vera web GUI in your browser directly by using its internal LAN IP address rather than accessing it via the portal.

So yes you could have a VPN server on your LAN connect back to that when you are remote and then use the Vera’s internal IP address.

The Vera web GUI interface UI7 is not the best looking but it is fully functional for setup and configuration. It does resize to fit Chrome browser on my mobile phone OK.

Most people use the Vera mobile app or a 3rd party mobile app to control their Vera units on their phones.

Vera is an American company with various offices worldwide.

If you want to go Open Source and Sonoff WIFI route then yes that is a good option for some people who have more technical skills and time to develop their HA system.

Personally I wouldn’t want lots of iOT devices on my WIFI network / router which is why I use Z-Wave devices. Yes they are more expensive so it depends on your budget.

Z-Wave devices will have a longer battery life than any WIFI iOT device as they are low powered.

Newer standard Z-Wave devices have S2 Security.

I’ve used Vera for over 10 years and generally on the times I have had to contact their support department they were always very good and came up with a solution or they would connect remotely to the unit and fix my issue.


Hi Ratfink

I can understand your frustration and I’m sorry about this. @cw-kid responded very well to all of your concerns.

That’s not normal that your controller has that kind of range and disconnection issues and our customer care team would love to help if given the chance. Based on your existing ticket’s content I don’t think we can change your mind, but here we are trying.

The Vera team.

This is flat out false. The higher the frequency of the radio signal the more energy it takes to broadcast. And the higher the frequency the more it is blocked by even simple things like drywall.

Our controlled house is large enough with enough internal interference that I had to put in a WDS wireless network with 3 separate transmitters in order to have satisfactory signal throughout the house. But zwave and zigbee go through the entire house with no attenuation.

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