Vera Plus Flooding Lan

Woke up this morning to find that my network had been knock off line by my Vera Plus, for the 2nd time in as many weeks.
No access to web or devices on my network including the Vera Plus, just have a switch port activity led flashing madly unable to access dashboard from smartphone either.
Only way to cure was to power down the Plus and power up again. Does it store old log files? cause once reboots current log file is overwritten so I cant see what the Plus was doing at the time of the crash

Vera has a setting to ‘discover devices on the local network’. I’m not 100% sure where it is in the settings as I am running a zwave backup at this time (trying to get the upgrade to take) You may want to switch that option off and see if that fixes your flood issue. I have it off by default as my camera’s (IP devices) are managed by Blue Iris and I don’t need Vera to discover them and create duplicate devices.

BOFH, I didn’t know this setting existed. Thanks for that!

I was having perhaps related problems. Several of my more sensitive multicast devices kept getting kicked off my network for a long time. I just upgraded to a managed switch and was able to completely disable multicast traffic from the port of which my VeraPlus is connected and this solved my problem.

I’d love to hear if unchecking “discover devices” fixed the issue for others. Then maybe I can go easier on the VeraPlus’s restrictions once again.

OK, My Ui7 Vera 3 is up and running again. The settings is at Settings → Net & WiFi

Automatic Device Detection
uncheck ‘Auto detect devices on my home network’