Vera Plus - Devices not detecting - Complete Zwave Failure - Advice please

Hello Tonight The light started flashing on my secure 2 channel receiver, when I loaded up Vera other zwave devices were not responding so
1 I Installed a backup - no change
2. Reset zwave chip - no change
3. Reset Zwave network - no change
4. Reset device to factory defaults, reinstalled back up and zwave network - no change
5. Reset device lost all zwave and all my Lightwave rf devices -Muthaforker!!
6. Tried to add a TKB Plug, wouldn’t add, tried to unpair, light flashing fast so appeared to unpair but cant pair, nothing when I click 3 times,
7. Tried different plug - Everspring the same
8. Tried Secure 321 Thermostat - same problem

I’m guessing my controller is Goosed - any suggestions please

Contact support ASAP.

Thanks, came down this morning and everything seems ok, weird

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Problem back again,. raised a support ticket hopefully they can sort

Nothing from support yet apart from automated message ;-(

still waiting…

I have a similar problem on Vera edge. basically all TKB plugs stopped working a while back. Tried to get help from support, but they just asked me to install a backup (which didnt solve it). Would be very interesting to see what support will tell you.

The team is on this. Thank you for the heads up.

Dear @Nevillebriggs
We have replied to your support request with the findings from your controller’s LuaUpnp.log.
Please check your controller’s behavior and feel free to respond over the support thread, our team will be eager to help you.

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Thanks Support have investigated and hopefully solved, looks like a clear cache scene was not running as it should

os.execute(“echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches”

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Glad we could help Neville. Thank you for your patience as well.

Thank you