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Does anyone know where on the Vera Plus the information on how a device was discovered is tracked? When looking at the Alexa config, I can see I had used ’ (GE/Jasco Generic Dimmer) ’ and ’ (Vera Smart Home Controller Generic Dimmer) ’ for the same device type, but different devices. How can I amend this without excluding and re-adding the device?

Try logging into and look under Manage Alexa:

That’s where I saw the “how it was discovered”, but I want to change it so it’s consistent. In case an update to firmware changes operation for one type and not the other. My last resort is to perform a grep on the filesystem… but would rather find the most elegant way of amending this.

I guess I do not understand the question. You can edit the name that Alexa sees for the device.

@polskikrol, i have the same issue with some swithces and locks. if you go to the device in the vera, and hit Advanced. In there you will see a manufacturer, you should be able to edit this field so they all match. Not sure how long it takes for vera to poll the device again to update it on the “manage alexa” page, but once changed, you will need to forget the device in alexa and re-discover.

Having said that, i don’t know if this would have adverse effect on your system.

As a test i changed some of the devices manufacturers on my Vera and after some time (my guess is overnight, but i forgot to check the next day) the devices showed correctly on the site. they had also updated the corresponding alexa device, so no need to forget and re-discover the device in alexa.

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Ah yes, I see this now with some testing. Not all of the embedded nodes had the parent’s device manufacturer populated. By default, the text “Vera Smart Home Controller” is utilized if the value is blank. So if it is a Generic Dimmer type, it would be “Vera Smart Home Controller Generic Dimmer”. Changing this value from blank/null to “GE/Jasko” after some time updates to “GE/Jasko Generic Dimmer”. I added 2 more devices and waiting for things to update to test this… strangely, one of the devices shows up as “Vera Smart Home Controller GE/Jasko”, so the ordering is a bit different. In terms of updating this within the cloud portal provided by Vera, via ‘Manage Alexa’, I have been unable to ‘trigger’ an update, by renaming devices either via the controller directly nor the iPhone app. So it must happen at a certain time each day or interval… who knows.

Looks for one device I accidentally put the text in ‘model’ and not ‘manufacturer’. So Vera defaults to using the text ‘Generic Dimmer’ or what not, based probably on the XML/JSON, etc files used (or perhaps the category/subcategory) and uses this default text when ‘manufacturer’ or ‘model’ are blank. So this is resolved. Now if only my switches could actually be polled properly by the Vera plugin for Alexa, sigh.

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