Vera Plus bricked after firmware update

Hi everyone,

I recently bought a Vera Plus controller, and after setup, I did a firmware upgrade procedure. Since then, my Vera was unresponsive, with only the Power LED blinking quickly. Reset was not working either. I had the same problem two year ago, so I will explain in this post how I did two years ago to recover the Vera, and how I did this time…

1. Why this could be happening
It seems that, when performing a firmware update, choosing the option “Erase all settings” (or something like this) is not a good idea. You should choose to “Keep my current settings”.

2. How I did two years ago
I unbricked the Vera Plus two years ago by performing the following operations :

  1. Reboot the Vera in bootloader/rescue mode (power off, push and keep the reset button pushed, put the power back on, and release the reset button once all the leds turn on).
  2. Stay in this mode for 20 minutes, doing nothing.
  3. Turn off the device, and wait 20s.
  4. Turn on the device, wait 2 minutes.
  5. Try the reset procedure (press 6 times the reset button in less than 6 seconds) : it worked and vera cam back to life.
    This, however, did not work for me this time :frowning:

3. How I did this time
I read on the forum somebody who explained that when bricked, Vera seems to have a hard coded ip adress in 192.168.0.x. In my place, IP adresses are in 192.168.1.x.
Either change the Ip adresses of your whole home to 192.168.0.x, or find a router that will have a dhcp in 192.168.0.x and provide internet access, and plug vera to it (I did the second option).
After 3 minutes, three leds were on, and I could add the Vera Plus to my account again. After 10 minutes of setup, everything was working and the new firmware was installed.

I hope this post will help you, or help me in the future when I will brick again another Vera :slight_smile:


This literally saved me today, after trying multiple options, getting hold of support ( very good at offering suggestions), and just before we needed to schedule a call I found this. Changed network dhcp to 192.168.0.x, reconnected vera, completed installation (that was stuck), reset to factory settings, restored a backup. Then reset my home dhcp to it’s default, restarted everything and all is well.
Thank you !!
Wish there was a way to backup firmware too