Vera Plus and Blink camera syc mod

Has any one tried to use the Blink app with vera plus to link with the Blink syc mod

I’m interested in linking my Blink camera’s to the Vera Plus as well.

Hey All, has there ever been an alternate solution to this other than the IFFF applets and webhooks? IFFF is no longer free, so I’m looking for another solution to command a disarm and arm of my Blink Camera systems through the Vera controller.

What was the “sync mod” ?

I have a similar issues with my comsumer grade Ezviz cams. As they have no local API.

I also used ifttt to control some aspects of them via ifttt and webhooks but it stopped working even with the “free” applets as I exceeded their number of requests. Was only 2 a day to turn on and off the privacy mode on one of my Ezviz cams.

My advice is buy professional IP cams like Hikvision that have full local HTTP Apis that can be controlled by Vera / Ezlo.

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I think op may have been referring to the Blink Camera Sync Module. Its the hub for the cameras to connect to. But I could be wrong, this thread is 4 years old so I doubt we will get an answer. I’m sure there are others in the same boat as me, so before I invest into a completely different system; I’ll wait for a better solution.

Ultimately looking to replace the IFFF connection with a free or limited service. As it was, my Vera plus controller would send a webhook to trigger an applet that would execute the blink disarm / arm feature.

I can’t imagine this to be a very difficult integration, but I don’t have the knowledge or expertise to program this.

If there is a hub the cameras connect too, does that hub have a local HTTP API that can be used to control some aspects of the cameras? If so then you can use HTTP commands being sent from the Vera / Ezlo hub etc.

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Webhooks is no longer part of the “Free” IFTTT tier.

“Starting February 15th, 2024, webhooks Applets will be disconnected for free users”

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Hey All, just an update… I was able to enable the Alexa skill for webhooks and have eliminated the IFTTT link.

Apparently according to Blink support, the only ways to control the sync module is through the phone app, IFTTT or Amazon Alexa.

All good now!

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