Vera Plus and August lock

I have a 3rd generation August lock with zwave that’s been integrated into my Vera Plus system for some time. I understand it’s not officially supported and indeed it is seen as a generic lock device, but from the time I set up Zwave on it (over a year ago) to not long ago, it was working perfect in my system.

Now the Vera can no longer lock or unlock the door. It reports “command sent”, it spins a while and then says it’s polling the device. The operation then just ends with no action. It reflects current door status perfectly, so when I lock/unlock the door manually or through homekit it updates the status, but it just cannot send it the right command to lock or unlock.

Not being supported I might have given up from the start, but the darn thing was working for a year or more and at some point just stopped (I use Homekit too and that more for the door lock.) I tried unpairing and repairing, which works great, but I get the same results.

Anyone else seen this behavior with the August 3rd gen?

This is odd. Since the lock is also working with Homekit, I suppose that it is also on wifi? Since the vera has not updated this device type and you likely have not updated your vera firmware, I am suspecting that August pushed a firmware update through wifi which broke the zwave commands and from the look of it, it may have to do with the security scheme. (maybe zwave S2 security implementation?) I am not familiar with the August locks so I am not 100% sure.

A quick research online indicates that indeed August implemented S2 security but formerly was still able to pair with S0. I would recommend to unpair and repair the lock to see if a firmware update messed with the security scheme. Otherwise, reading a thread in the habitat forum… you may be out of luck and people are going to pure wave devices. I personally avoid wifi and especially devices with pushed firmware from the cloud like the pest to avoid things like what you are experiencing…

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