Vera Plus and adding PIN to kwikset

So I have an odd situation. This time of year I usually go in and program all the codes for my summer guests into my Kwikset locks via VeraPlus. I would have to say each year there is one code that just won’t take when trying to set the pin and I usually enter a different PIN and its fine. This year it has happened to 3 of the PINS I’m trying to add. Multiple PINS go in just fine but these 3 seem to be numbers that are just right out rejected by all three of the locks. To the point it knocks them out from being online and I need to send a poll command to get them recognized as active again.

Anyone know what I’m talking about?

Is anyone in this forum anymore?

Hi! @GreybeardVR

You can pretty much reassociate the device with the controller, so make sure you exclude the device, do a factory reset on the lock and then add it again.

Yes… this is what promted me to then have the issue of one of the locks not adding due to some security error code. I’ll see if this has remedied the pin add problem. Thanks