Vera Plus Add Another Controller

Instructions say login then click Add another controller but I do not see anything that says add another controller. I noticed also it says UI5 but i’m on UI7. This must be my first account. This is the one I want.

Where do I find this button to click?

Also how do I delete the current controller?


This is what happened a few months ago. I was upgrading my Vera Lite from UI5 to UI7. I was having problems so I let Vera tech support do it. For some reason when they did the upgrade they changed my username. I’m sure it was just a mistake.

I want to use my first username but when I login there is no option to pick add a new controller and it shows nothing on UI5. When I login into the second username the one I am using currently it does show UI7 and add new controller. I wonder if Vera can just delete my first account so I can start fresh so I can keep my first username.


For UI7, you needed a new account as your can’t use the account you had with UI5. It sounds like support did this for you. I’m not sure why they changed your username for the new account though, maybe it was already being used in the new system ???

I sent off a question to tech support asking if they can delete my first account so I can set it up as a new user. I would like to keep that username.

I decided to just use a new username but now it wont give me one. I have no idea why. I’m guessing that I need to use a different email address but I want to use my main email address. I don’t want to make up another email address just to get a new username.

Duh, I was clicking the wrong button after I entered all my info.