vera over 3g wifi router

I buy houses in not so great neighborhoods and need to know whether people break in at night.

I can’t setup a dsl line at each house so I was wondering weather vera is reliable over 3G networks?

Say something like the verizon or sprint MIFI router? All i need is a few motion detectors attached to vera. Would this be a straight forward application?

I use my Vera with a Top Global router (not a very good router, but I got it cheap) with a Verizon 3G card (Sierra Wireless Aircard 595) at my vacation home. It works quite well and I have not experienced any limitations. I have two ip cameras to keep an eye on things. What you want to do should be very straight forward.

I’m running this over the verizon MIFI. I can view the notification log and receive notifications on the findvera page…but I cannot access the control panel because it says vera could not be found on the network.

Anyone experience this problem running vera over a 3g network using the mifi 2200?

Getting onto the findvera page and looking at the notification log is something that is on the online server and not your vera. Go into your advanced → net and wifi → trouble shoot network and see if all the Testing External Servers are OK. Also try to redoo your sign in info for