Vera or Ezlo

Having had a Vera Edge for a long time in one home and was planning continuing with Vera in a new home but it looks like Vera will be phased out soon. Since I have not see anything that says support, options and programing will be similar, so wanted to know if Ezlo will follow a similar process with a simple user programing interface, app and full Z-Wave product support.

The concern is if I purchase a Vera controller what happens once they are no longer supported, is there a roll out date of Ezlo controllers like the Edge or Secure? Also rumors have it there will be a subscription fee to use Ezlo but have not see anything about that yet.

All these play into decisions to stay with Vera/Ezlo or move onto another system. Any comments you can provide would be helpful.


You seem to have researched this quite a bit already, and have thought through some of the consequences.

It really depends which way you want it not to work well:

  • Vera - its foibles are well known, and unlikely to be fixed, as it’s EOL
  • Ezlo - a big unknown, except we’re sure that many plugins won’t be available any time soon

So, again, it’s frying pan/fire or rock/hard place.

Good luck.

Vera is still currently supported albeit very little. There is another FW coming out and from what I’ve heard it fixes a lot of issues. There will be Ezlo FW that you can run on your current Vera controllers however the new Ezlo FW won’t support any of the current plugins on Vera. You will have to rebuild everything from the ground up.