Vera Operating Bluetooth Devices

I have a ceiling fan that operates on a remote that is controlled via Bluetooth (not IR). I used to use a Global Cache IR transmitter to control various TV’s, however I just want to know if anyone has done the same for a Bluetooth device and was able to control it via the Vera Controller?

Are you sure it is Bluetooth or just some unlicensed wireless protocol from the fan vendor? I’d think Bluetooth isn’t the best choice for a fan remote control.

As a pinch you could use a ZOOZ ZEN51 to take over one of the switches in your remote or a ZEN16 to control a couple of press buttons. Would require soldering some wires to the remote. If there are several buttons this probably doesn’t work out too well.

You could write a scene to turn on relay, then a moment delay and turn it off to simulate a button press. I do something similar to allow a ZWave on/off device to simulate a garage door opener button press.

I think that it is bluetooth, there is no IR emitter on the remote. The fan has no control buttons on it, therefore soldering a on/off relay is not an option. I certainly do not want to solder to my remote as I only have one.

I just wanted to know if there is a type of bluetooth transmitter that would work like the Global Cache iTach that I used to use to control IR devices such as TV’s, sterio receviers, etc.

Don’t think the Bluetooth radio chip on the Vera controller ever really did anything or was functional in any real way. Just marketing blurb that went no where.

Your fan is more likely RF 433 mhz than Bluetooth?

You need to know the make and model number of your fan and work out first what comms protocol its using.

The absence of an ir emitter does not mean it is bluetooth. I have a wireless remote on a ceiling fan. It is RF (Radio Frequency) but definitely not bluetooth which is an RF streaming protocol optimized for audio. I suspect your remote is a proprietary RF remote.

You might be able to rewire the fan to delete the RF receiver module and run a fan motor and fan light wire to the controlling switch box. There you could install a trailing edge dimmer for each of the light and the motor. ZEN27, ZEN77 V1.0 or V2.0. There are also ZWave compatible in Wall controllers (Enbrighten 55258, Leviton ZW45F, Jasco 55259…).

You won’t find a Zwave product for an obscure ceiling fan remote control protocol.

If it is RF 433MHZ ? Another option would be to use a Broadlink RM pro hub and the 3rd party Vera plugin for it or an RFXCOM RFXtrx433E transceiver and its 3rd party plugin. Both can control and operate RF devices from Vera eco system.

Do you know if I can use my Global Cache itach ir transmitter to achieve this? Or do I need to purchase a RFXCOM RFXtrx433E transmitter as you mentioned?

Not sure if there was a Vera plugin for this? Maybe there was, search the forum.

And your fan remote would need to be IR infrared also.

Searching the old Vera app store there are these two plugins.

No idea if they still work or their install files are avaiilable.

You can also use the inbuilt apps store in UI7 web UI.

And you can search the forum also for any related threads for those plugins.