Vera not responding.

Anyone know what to do from here?

Trying to connect locally and get:

Version: 1.0.996
Checking internet connection …
Loading timezones.json …
Loading local database …
Loading sysinfo …
timezones.json loaded
Internet check status: ok
sysinfo.json loaded

Communication error while retrieving local database.

SSH’d in and issued a reboot, problem still happens.

Going to try a power down restart when I can get in front of it in about 1hr.

Took a couple of power down / up / double tap of reset to get it going again.

Anyone have any thoughts on this or any way of a remote reset?
Having to have physical access to vera to reset is a bit of a pain.

Was your unit working fine and then just stopped? Did you do anything prior to the unit not responding?

  • Garrett

It looks like an firmware upgrade gone wrong.

If it is upgrade once more without saving your setup. That usually fix database errors.


No recent firmware update.
Only recent change was a new scene several days ago.
Was working fine after that.
Vera is not on a UPS, just a line conditioner. Possibly a momentary power loss could cause this?
Noticed it wasn’t responding when I didn’t get a notification for a certain door code getting entered.

Would be nice if there was a way to recover from that sort of error remotely, either through or SSH. Some sort of way to force Vera to load a previous backup.