Vera not responding to ELK events

Is this supposed to work? I can arm/disarm from Vera but thats about it.

None of ELK devices are updated on Vera, again is it supposed to work?

I have notifications setup on M1XEP and Vera and I get emails from XEP but nothing from Vera, its as though the variables are not being updated and Vera does not see any change in them?

Help please.

Never mind…issue resolved…

Needed to enable serial port events in ELK.

This is where I found the resolution

Back with Elk Key fob questions…everything seems to be working fine with Elk Arming and disarming from the fob and the fob showing up as a motion sensor in Vera.

But its not tripping? Is it happening too quick for vera to realize?

Anyone got this work?

I want to trigger scenes based on Fob1 or Fob2 was used to disarm the system.


Can you send logging details when you use the fob?

Sure, I will try update tonite. I have messed around with various settings, no luck so far.

A zone set as a FOB is treated differently then a normal zone and does not send tripped messages.

Currently wireless fobs aren’t handled.

Hmmmm…Does FOB does not send any messages on events? Thats a limitation on ELK side?

I don’t actually know the answer as I don’t have any radio connectivity. There transceiver type isn’t available in Australia only one way radio fobs available (from what I can see).

Hopefully will be able to put something in place if I know what is if anything is sent on serial bus.


I can help you capture the events if you walk me through it.

What would you like to see?


Just send through the log file around the time you press the buttons on FOB, same as you have done here [url=,6916.msg249152.html#msg249152],6916.msg249152.html#msg249152[/url]