Vera not polling

Just noticed since upgrading to latest firmware, non of of my zwave devices seem to be polling?

Any suggestions? Used to work ok before upgrade. Starting to get pretty sick with vera and MVC, I just want this piece of junk to work as advertised, i didn’t buy it to be a beta tester for almost 2 years, and still not have a working system.

What kind of zwave devices do you have on your network?

If you click on on of the devices on the web interface (the wrench icon) what does the polling input box say under the settings tab? Is it blank, say 60 or does it say 0?

  • Garrett


What is your indicator that devices are not being polled?
I agree that poling is not was it used to be…

For me it’s the pollnoreply count. I have one device (Mios SmartSwitch) that was taken out of service @ MCV’s request pending the Sigma fix. It’s still showing a 143 no reply count, thats the same as it was 2 weeks ago. If it’s not replying this number should be increasing.