Vera Mobile Question

I cannot get my Iphone 5S and IPAD to to remotely control my door lock . I have a Mi Case Verde Lite.
On the Iphone screen once I login in it shows my device with two GREEN Arrows pointing at each other but with a Red dot in the center. It was working yesterday for a tad bit then stopped all together.

I can control the lock/unlock from my PC on the Mi CASA Website.

What could be the issue?

The IP address of your veralite could have changed. Have a look at your router to see the current IP address of your vera. Then check the screen that has the red dot between the arrows on your Vera Moble app for the same ip address. If it is not the same then you need to reconnect the vera moble app to your vera lite. I am sure there is an easier way, but the way I finally did it when I had the same problem you are having is to delete the app and reload it. Then it will hook up with your vera lite again.