Vera Mobile does not show alerts records

Hi, I changed my mobile phone some months ago and it seems that since then, Vera Mobile doesn’t show the alerts records that I can see without problems from my Windows laptop.

If I open Vera Mobile in my phone and go to Alerts, an empty screen comes for “All” and whatever period of time I select, in the laptop application I can see them without problems.

My system is:

Vera Edge firmware version 1.7.5385 (7.32)
Vera Mobile (uninstalled and reinstalled)
Phone: Android 13

Thanks for any help


My Vera app does the same for my Vera hub and the Alerts dont seem to be stored or recorded and its always just empty. Seems to have been that way for a long time…

If I switch the Vera app to an Ezlo hub instead, I do then see some alerts.

I doubt this will get fixed as Ezlo have stopped updating the Vera mobile app.

Thanks for your information, even they are not good news. In fact I discovered this malfuntion only a month or two ago, this is the reason I thought it could be an Android (higher level) dependence issue, as the VPN protocols, for instance when I changed my mobile two months ago.

And probably it is, because, even they are not updating any Vera product (sniff), if the Controller firmware didn’t change and the Vera mobile didn’t too, I cannot find any reason for not working well.

I will do a try with an older phone and older Android version.


Tested with an old Android 10 and same problem, Alerts empty :frowning:

I have an old Lenovo 7 inch tablet running Android 8.1.0 and its the same in the Vera mobile app, Alerts area is empty.

My phone those screen shots were taken on is Android 13.

So doesnt seem like an Android issue I dont think.

Yes I don’t think either it is an Android issue. But then, why it stopped to work OK if nothing has changed in the app or in the controller firmware? Even more, if the app points to an Ezlo controller it works… Big question mark here… and… unfortunately Ezlo aren’t doing anything in the old Vera products, that still work very well generally speaking.

Im not sure about that it seems odd as you say.

I know my Alerts area has been empty for years it seems now.

I just checked my Vera app and I do see alerts. Most of them are battery alerts but are there.

Are you iOS or Android?, and in the case you are Android, what Android level do you have?

I’m iOS 17.4.1

Then, it might be a problem related to Android and probably Android 14 in particular. I will do a test with an Android 12 phone I have access to.


Yes, I can confirm it is a problem with Android 14 (at least, I don’t know Android 13). I did a test using a mobile phone with Android 12 and the Vera Mobile app allows me to see ALL the Alerts.

And it is not the only issue Andorid 14 and its updates has become with. Several apps doesn’t work as they did in previous versions/updates of Android :frowning_face: