Vera Mobile App worked with Note9, but new phone Pixel 7 Pro the app randomly freezes or drop

The Note 9 phone is 32-bit. The Pixel 7 Pro is 64-bit. Not sure if this is the problem. While using Vera Mobile on my Pixel 7 Pro if I go to “Scenes” click on a scene to make changes then to App just shuts down. My Note 9 works with no problem.
I am using Dashboard Pro,
Controller: 45009177
Firmware: 1.7.5185

Having a similar issue here with a P7P as well. The app seems to run ok because it allows me to log in and select a controller, I can modify settings for the app, and change views. When I tap on a device to change the state of the switch, however, it crashes.

I have notifications set up and those come through to the phone fine, so -if- it’s a 32-bit related issue, it would seemingly be due to certain code in the app being 32 bit as opposed to the whole app being 32 bit (in which case it wouldn’t even install, I don’t believe).

App version
Android 13 with January Security patch

Did you find any sort of solution?