Vera mobile app can't set Aeotec Minimotes buttons for scenes?

Wanted to set a button on my Aeotec Minimote scene controller, tried using the Vera mobile app whilst connected to my production Vera Plus.

I just see this screen, after selecting “Set buttons actions”.

Can set the buttons OK via the Vera UI7 Web GUI instead though.

This is what it should look like. Web GUI via my phone, can select scenes for buttons.

That sums up how all of my devices have looked since Day One on the ezlo plus, in the VeraMobile app. You get to a point expecting controls, and it’s just the device icon and nothing else. Suggest reporting this on the JIRA system as a new ticket.

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We appreciate your feedback. Please submit it as a bug report since the device is compatible with the second generation units.

This problem is not just with the Aeotec Minimote.

I have the same problem with a 4 button keyfob and a Neo CoolCam panic alarm keyfob also. Same as the screen shot above, when you click “Set button actions” you are then just presented with a blank page and you cannot assign any buttons to scenes.

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