Vera Messaging Options [LIST]

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the various ways a controller can send or receive messages, either as notifications to the user or via API to other services.

This led to the following graphical summary, which I know is incomplete. Please let me know what you think might be missing, so I can check it out? THANKS!

NOTE: I will immediately update the graphic with your suggestions and corrections, so it’s always up-to-date.

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I know a Telegram plugin has just been released however the week before I integrated my Vera scenes and PLEG logic actions with Telegram just using LUA code in them, to send out the http request to the Telegram API to send a text message to the Telegram messenger app etc.

You can also setup TTS voice calls to Telegram using CallMebot as described here.

Diagram looks good think you covered everything.

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Nice diagram!

I would suggest to add geofence.
Just don’t know where to place it in the diagram.

Vera has it native, but haven’t seen anything yet on the Ezlo firmware.

Also I believe using a plugin or app would make it more flexible. And may create possibilities to make it more reliable when different methods can be used and thus creating redundancy.

I appreciate what you’re saying, but I’m taking pains to distinguish signaling from messaging. In the latter case, I am focusing on the ability to send and receive textual messages (alerts, notifications, etc.). Whereas the former is closer to simple state triggering and device control.

I suppose Geofencing is somewhere in between these worlds. Will consider it though!

I’m working on Pushover for Reactor 3.9. Any others?


Just updated the OP graphic to include “Geofencing” and “Logging” as references. One may be just a trigger, and the other a file subsystem, but since both convey human-readable information (which can be retrieved “live”) I figured they deserve inclusion.

Maybe try a template for CallMeBot, since otherwise (a) it’s not well surfaced (even in the Forum) to new users, and (b) the required parameters (e.g. source, user, text, lang, rpt) would not be immediately obvious otherwise.

I get most of my notifications from the integrated iOS Home app thanks to Homebridge and the VeraLink plug-in.

Off topic: This is the most user friendly way to manually control Vera IMO and with real Siri, Watch, CarPlay and geofence support.

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Thanks for the tip! I was unaware of VeraLink (since it is not among the apps in the Mios AppStore), and not being a user of iOS or Siri, it would have remained under my radar.

I’ve updated the chart accordingly! Keep those suggestions coming…

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