Vera/LuuP Reload on TTS Event

Hello All -

Good/bad news. I’ve been tracking a bug in my system that, while now seems obvious, has plagued me for several months.

Long story short, every time I ask Sonos to say something, I get a Luup reload (and no voice alert). After the reload, it works for “some time” (usually few hours) until the next event.

It doesn’t matter if I fire the event from a Scene (someone entering a PIN on the Schlage lock) or from a Reactor event (like the house pre-arming an “away” mode).

I know development is stopping or has stopped; and that’s understandable for the reasons mentioned. But has anyone dealt with this? I don’t see a lot of chatter about it so I’m not sure how to go about troubleshooting or fixing this.

Current version: 2.0-hotfix20314.1625; JSUI 2.0-hotfix20314.1625

Any thoughts on this? Should I update to 2.1? If so, is there a path to do that? Or is it a complete uninstall / reinstall?