Vera Luup Plugins vs Ezlo Plugins Protocol


Having come to learn Lua and Luup specifically for creating plugins for my Vera - Is the intended move from the Vera Luup structure to Ezlo ??? straight forward for a novice/intermediate like me ?

(Also, if it’s Luup (Lua & uPnp) on Vera, what do I call the new Ezlo one ?)

With any form of change/transition - is there something out there that maps the two approaches e.g. what I would normally put in a Vera Luup D_Myplugin.json file to present on the UI - that now goes into the Ezlo xxxxx file ?

Now admittedly, I’m not sure yet if I’ll move over to the new boxes yet, but i expect like most people having built my own Luup HA ecosystem - any move away will ideally need to be as straightforward as possible …

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