Vera (Luup) Control of Sony A/V receiver over serial/ethernet


i am trying to find my way in the plugin thingy, as are many others. i have followed the Denon and Onkyo threads for remote control of the receivers closely, however i can’t come any further or even get started.

i found lots of documentation on the RS232 protocol for controlling my STR-DA5600es, but i know for a fact that this thing is sort of built to actually work together with home automation software. just not with the vera (yet). i found some references that this receiver seamlessly integrates with Control4, which could be a competitor to vera, but it uses Zigbee.

there are some third party software company’s that have managed to control some of the receivers in the STR-DA-range. for example roomie remote has support for the STR-DA5400es, and a user on that forum says he managed to control the receiver using the binary protocol of sony for his own STR-DA5600es.

this binary protocol is found at remote central: RC: Command Library - Sony Device RS-232 & Network IP Protocol Sheets. Here we can also find excel sheets with commands for controlling both the receivers and blu-ray disc players, some of which i own myself too. however, these commands seem to be for the RS232 protocol only, but i could be mistaken.

i also started a thread with some more documentation and examples of third party software (links) at another forum (dutch) to just get me started on connecting to the darn thing Sony STR-DA5600es IP-control - Audio en hifi - GoT. However, no replies untill now.

because my goal is to actually have a sony plugin both for blu-ray players and receivers, i started this thread here. even though i have nothing yet to show, or programmed.

can anyone be of any service to me? i’d like this to be a shared plugin, plus sort of study project for myself. (i know it’s a difficult one to start with :o)


in the excels a lot can be found. for example how communication must be done, and a lot of example codes:

Power Functions
Name Zone STX BC PDC CMD Zone Attribute High Bit Low Bit Checksum Completed Command String
Power On Main 0x02 0x04 0xA0 0x60 0x00 0x01 0xFB

which results in a command like this: 0x02,0x04,0xA0,0x60,0x00,0x01,0xFB

however, when i telnet in port 6001 i can give this command, only receiver does not respond. i dont even know if i have a connection.

Try this thread here: -

[url=]Sony STR-DA3600, 4600, 5600ES Receiver Thread | Page 2 | AVForums

It looks like it uses SOAP to send serial commands via Ethernet.


Yeah, found that one already. Did follow up on some things like the port scanner but got stick from there.

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You will need to get this: -

[url=]Blog - Mikula Beutl

Then use device spy to look at how commands are sent. There is a lot of info regarding upnp in other threads that may be what you need to look at.

Sorry probably can’t help much more.

i dropped the UPnP and other command possibilities and actually got a little further on RS232 protocol over IP. I used a tool like Docklight to control my receiver. Actually the HEX codes in the excel sheets of sony make sense now. Basically I am able to control the receiver fully through this program.

*Input selection
*On / Off
*Volume up and down
*Any command mentioned in the sheet

the sheet is not complete though, it states. So there are plenty of more commands to be investigated. For example there is no predefined HEX command to set the volume at a certain level, but from the documentation the command can be generated. if you are smart… ???

anywayz…the big question now is how to proceed to actually make the vera control the receiver? how to get these commands for which i now use Docklight, in a plugin or even test-LuuP code and control my receiver in scenes.

obviously i found the code to program some basic functionality like on/off here, but i do need a lot of code around it to make that work…