Vera Lost her mind

I’ve had my system up and running for quite some time now, I have not even made any changes in about a year other than some scene tweaks. She has been working perfectly since I got some help when it had a fairly bothersome failure on UI6 and I got downgraded to UI5. Last night she stopped working entirely except for sending one of my light dimmer modules. I looked in the configurations of each device and they all had rotes and neighbors, they just were not talking to the main unit. I did what I have heard on here so many times and started a network heal that ran overnight. This morning I still have all devices on the dashboard showing in red with a “Device failed to configure” error showing on every one of them. That one light module will still adjust the light, but it shows error as well. The heal report shows no stars and a red circle slash on every device

Everyone is leaving for the day so I am going to run another heal…but anyone know what might have happened to make very go off the rez?

Did anything new wireless electronic get introduced to your environment? Eg an older wireless phone running on 900MHz or something else controlled wirelessly? GAs Vera communicates over the mesh at around 908MHz for US (It’s different for other countries but all around 900Mhz) and it could be something is interfering with that.

Nothing new. My house is 1/4 mile from the closest other house as well.

I’d call tech support.

I have e-mailed tech support…I hope it gets resolved soon. I had to pull out some things from the electrical box behind the scene controller on my wall to manually turn on my fan to sleep last night.

I did find in the forum that ERGY was cusing issues like this for some people. I have uninstalled it. Should I heal again?

I messed with get a lot this evening to no avail. Then everything began working as normal at midnight… WTF?

FWIW, call tech support, don’t email. Much faster.

I had done that too…Sat on hold until it forced me into a message…I left one. Later I called back and say in hood a long time again.

Anyone know why it would just start working again at exactly midnight?